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This agreement is made on Monday, June 24, 2024  between XTREME Communication N.V.   Pin and Direct Top Wholesalers  herein referred to as (Xtreme) and   herin refer to as (The Customer) who has agreed for XTREME install a Pin Vending Machine (PVM) at the permises unter the following terms and conditions:

  1. XTREME has the right to remove the machine from the premises for any reason whatsoever. The Customer may request the PVM remove the machine from the premises for any reason whatsoever. Should the removal of the PVM become necessary The Customer agrees to cooperate fully with said removal Prepaid terminal charges and credits will not be refunded.
  1. The Customer will always be responsible for the safety of the PVM. XTREME will hold the Customer will be liable should the PVM get lost, stolen, or damaged while on their premises for the repair and or replacement cost of the PVM for a maximum price $800.00 (eight hundred US).
  1. XTREME reserves the right to and may request a security deposit of $500.00 (five hundred) from any retailer. Security deposits made to XTREME will not be returned until the PVM is inspected and removed from the premises, all balances settled, and the account closed.
User Name: Pin 1 Name
Password (8 digit): Pin 2 Name
Store Name Pin 3 Name
Street & No Pin 4 Name
City/Town  Pin 5 Name
State: Pin 6 Name
Country Pin 7 Name
  Email: Pin 8 Name
Main Tell  # Pin 9 Name
Other Phone # Pin 10 Name
Internet in the store? Pin 11 Name
    Pin 12 Name
     One Time Set Up Fee $20.00
Terminal Monthly Fee $20.00
For Internal use only
Account Type    
  Teminal Model #    
Terminal Type    
  Security Deposit    
  SR #    
Unit ID #    
SIM Card Sim #







Revised: January 30, 2015

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